Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello, I'm Ashley P.

    So I am officially starting my very own blog! I probably never would've without a woman called Joyful Mamma. Her page is @ http;// inspired me with all of her posts. I really hope that all of you will like mine.

Things I Will Blog About:
1. Anything I find can be fun to cook. Especially ones that I love.
2. I LOVE to read so I will recommend many different types of books.

About Me:
1. I have recently become a lover of cooking. Any chance I get I will cook something from books or Pinterest (I am an extreme pinner!)
2. I am a firm believer in Christ. I know that I would never be here and could not do anything without him.
3. Books are my escape from reality. I often am reading something.
4. I love to create things. Art makes me happy and I make many drawings. I sometimes do a spiral looking bracelet (the ones that look like DNA strands with shells).
5. I am a huge family person. I love my family!
6. Animals are great! Our family has one parakeet, two dogs, a hamster, seven ducks, and a lot of fish.
7. My favorite colors are blue, camo, and plaid. Yes, camo and plaid are colors, or at least to me they are.
8. Seeing as I like camo, you can probably tell that I like hunting. 
9. I like many old fashioned, antique things.
10. Movies, movies, movies! I love movies, they are so awesome. Disney movies, especially the old original ones, are some of the best.

Now to my food and book life,
hope you like my blog...

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